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Tooth loss can make it a challenge to eat or speak properly. Your self-esteem may also suffer as missing teeth can affect the appearance of your smile. Thanks to modern dentistry, tooth loss does not have to be permanent. At Los Gatos Dental Care, we can replace your missing teeth permanently using dental implants.

We offer quality, long-lasting dental implants to restore your oral health and enhance the beauty of your smile. You can replace one, several, or all your teeth with our dental implants, regardless of the cause of your tooth loss. To learn more about dental implants and find out if you are the perfect candidate for this treatment, schedule a consultation with our experienced dentists today!


What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are tooth replacement restorations consisting of titanium posts surgically inserted into your jaw. The implants permanently fuse with the jawbone to replace the roots of missing teeth and form a stable foundation for artificial teeth. The restorations attach to the implants via abutments.

Dental implants can support crowns, bridges, and dentures. They are the only tooth replacements that restore the roots and crowns of missing teeth.

Our Los Gatos dental implants offer convenience, reliability, and aesthetics. We use CBCT scans and employ computer-guided surgery to improve the procedure's precision and success. Our high-tech office also enhances the efficiency of our treatments to provide you with a quality dental care experience from start to finish.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

While other tooth replacement prosthetics exist, dental implants are the only ones that give you the closest functionality, stability, and appearance to natural teeth. Some of the benefits you can expect to enjoy with dental implants include:

Natural appearance: Dental implants are designed to look and function like your natural teeth. We use tooth-colored restorations that fit perfectly with your smile and give you appealing and realistic results.

Permanent solution: Unlike conventional tooth replacements like removable dentures, dental implants fuse permanently with your jawbone. With proper care and maintenance, implants can last you a lifetime.

No chance for decay: Implants are made of titanium posts, making them immune to tooth decay or infection. You should, however, practice oral hygiene to prevent gum disease.

Easy to care for: You can take care of your dental implants just as you would your natural teeth. To maintain your oral health and ensure the longevity of your dental implants, brush at least twice a day and go for routine dental checkups. Also, avoid damaging habits that can cause your artificial teeth to wear down or break.

Bone health: Tooth loss causes your jawbone to degrade over time. Dental implants provide the necessary stimulation to keep your jawbone healthy and prevent bone loss.

Preparing Your Mouth for Dental Implants

You need to meet specific requirements to be eligible for dental implant placement. Excellent oral health is necessary to create a sturdy foundation for your restorations. You also require and strong jawbone with sufficient mass to facilitate successful bonding with the implants.

If you struggle with gum disease or tooth decay, you should undergo treatment before your dental implant placement. Similarly, an inadequate jawbone may require you to undergo pretreatment to boost density and volume. We offer the following procedures to prepare you for your implants and enhance your chances of getting satisfactory results.

Extraction: We perform extractions for badly damaged or decayed teeth before placing your dental implants. Our dentist is gentle and will take the necessary measures to make the process comfortable.

Bone grafts: As the name suggests, bone grafts involve transplanting healthy bone tissue to inadequate sites for bone regeneration and growth. If you have experienced bone loss or your jawbone is not strong enough, a bone graft can increase your jawbone to support dental implants.

Sinus lifts: A sinus lift is similar to a bone graft. It specifically adds bone to your upper jaw in the space between your premolars and molars. We lift or move the sinus membrane upwards to make space for the transplanted bone tissue and give the implant a chance for a solid hold.

Our team will assess your oral situation to ascertain your eligibility for the implants and provide the appropriate recommendation.

Personalized Dental Implants Restorations

We provide a wide range of dental implant services to accommodate your needs. These include implant placement surgery and implant-supported restorations depending on the number of teeth you want to replace.

We offer the full range of implant-supported restorations, including:

Implant-Supported Crowns: If you have a single missing tooth or want to replace individual teeth, an implant-supported crown is your ideal option. We use quality, tooth-colored crowns to ensure natural-looking results.

Fixed Bridges: Implant-supported bridges are suitable for replacing several missing teeth in a row. Instead of relying on abutment teeth for support, the bridges rest on two implants. You can replace up to four missing teeth with one implant-supported bridge.

Full & Partial Dentures: We recommend implant-supported dentures for when you have some of your teeth and full dentures for an entire set of missing teeth on your upper or lower jaw. Unlike traditional dentures, implant-supported options are held securely in place. You don't have to worry about them slipping, and you can continue enjoying your favorite meals.

We can provide dental implants as part of a full mouth reconstruction plan to fully rebuild your smile. Our team will take you through your options and answer any questions you might have so you can make informed choices about your well-being.

Your Trusted Los Gatos Implant Dentist

At Los Gatos Dental Care, we're committed to providing the effective, personalized treatments you need to enjoy a complete smile once more. Regardless of the number of teeth you want to replace, our dental implant services can help you chew, speak, and smile more confidently. We offer our services in English, French, Spanish, and Arabic to the residents of Los Gatos and neighboring communities. Schedule an appointment with us today to start your journey towards a healthy and functional smile.


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